The Walking Dead: What We Hope To Learn From The Season 7 Premiere

Since the season six finale of The Walking Dead, speculation has been flying from every corner of the internet claiming to have decoded the mystery of who fell victim to Negan and Lucille. While sneak peeks and interviews have given hints of who got the bat and glimpses of what’s to come, I’ve tried my […]


Marvel’s Luke Cage examines what it means to be a black hero

Netflix’s latest Marvel series, Luke Cage, is out, and it’s already picking up strong reviews. The preceding series, Daredevil and Jessica Jones, seem to have been well-received by fans and critics alike, so does the new entry live up to its predecessors? First, a quick piece of background: Luke Cage, also sometimes called Power Man, wasn’t Marvel’s first major […]


Uncovering Ancient Secrets in G-Raider

With its monumental tombs and pantheon of colourful gods, ancient Egypt has fascinated writers and artists throughout history. That includes erotic artists, too — after all, the Egyptian gods had pretty exciting sex lives. But what if an ordinary person — or a very unusual one, actually — got caught up in the wild loves […]

Master PC Greek Drama - Slider

Master PC: Greek Drama Brings the Reality Altering Program to Another Level of Erotic Enjoyment

The Master PC Universe of JR Parz enters a visually stunning world, with William Pratt and J.J. McQuade’s take on the reality-bending computer system known as Master PC. Master PC enables the user to code reality, changing everything from how they look to how others act. In the realm of the Breast Expansion Story Club, […]

An April Birthday - Slider

An April Birthday Brings Breast Expansion to Another Level

Fresh out of BEArchives, An April Birthday tells the story of April’s 18th birthday, which goes from miserable to unimaginably great, all with the blowing out of her birthday candles. After a day of being wrong in everything she says, from giving the pizza man the wrong address to telling her boyfriend the wrong time […]

Beyond the Law - Slider

Big Babes Behind Bars: Above the Law

Everybody loves a good women-in-prison story, from the character-centered drama of something like Orange is the New Black to something less cerebral like Caged Heat. It’s no surprise, therefore, that writer Bob Saget, artist Peter Logan and colorist/letterer Chris Flash have tackled this theme in Above the Law, a hyper-violent, hyper-sexual look at what happens when the passions and […]


BVS Ultimate Cut Is A Treat For Fans Of The Original

On Monday I got some awesome news from a good friend of mine who is a fellow comic nerd like myself hearing that he had won the passes to the early screening of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Edition prior to its June 28th Digital release… Being a massive fan of the Theatrical cut I […]


Not Preaching to the Choir: Thoughts on AMC’s Preacher from a Person Who’s Never Read the Comic

Father, I have a confession. Apart from the free reprint of issue one that recently hit comic shops, I’ve never read Preacher. I know this is sacrilege in the comic’s world, with the Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon classic considered by many to be the greatest series ever. But to me, it’s always been that […]