The Breast Expanding Remote Control is Back in Remote Chaos — Hello Baby!

The great William Pratt has returned and he brought the polyversal remote with him. A long-awaited follow-up to Remote out of Control, Remote Chaos — Hello Baby! picks up right where Pratt left off, only this time the remote lands in the unsuspecting hands of one-year-old Bobby. With nothing to lose, or to gain for […]


‘Walking Dead’ Season 6 Midseason Finale: Three Loose Ends to Tie Up (includes episode seven spoilers)

So far, season six of The Walking Dead has been a rollercoaster of intertwining plots, all taking place in a couple of days. While we got closure on the Glenn storyline in the last episode, there are still a number of balls in the air, and they may all hit the ground on the midseason […]


Island Paradise Makes an Art Form of Interracial Partner Swapping

Island Paradise is a titillating story of breast expansion and interracial swinging as Kevin and Patty navigate a hedonistic utopia of mystical magic and sexually imposing inhabitants. The story starts in a cruise ship nightclub, when Kevin becomes ill and steps outside. After accidentally throwing up on the lifeboat hanging off the side of the […]


Comics, superheroes and movies: changing perceptions?

The flood of Marvel blockbusters has conditioned most of us to think of comic-book movies and superhero movies as being the same thing. Even before the multimedia Avengers juggernaut, most of us associated comic movies with big-name franchises like the Christopher Reeve Superman series. But superhero films are far from the only comic adaptations out […]