Do quit your day job: the strange careers of comics creators

There’s no single best way into the comics industry, but a lot of creator biographies follow a similar trajectory. Veterans of the Golden Age started out as newspaper cartoonists, commercial artists or contributors to the fledgling fanzine scene. Many Silver Age greats came out of art schools or had previously worked as commercial illustrators. And […]

Unlimited Wishes Leads to Unfettered Adventure in The Three Wish Myth

Effortlessly blending magical breast expansion and perverse wish fulfillment, The Three Wish Myth: The Big Brad turns genie mythology on its head, while proving more wishes may not necessarily be better. Though kind hearted, naive, and optimistic Brad is the comic’s protagonist, it’s the free-wheeling genie that drives the story. Claiming that all men choose […]

All around the world: international superheroes are kind of silly

“Welcome, Captain Invincible! It’s a great honour to welcome you to the Special Relationship, the first joint British-American super team.” “Thank you; it’s a pleasure to be here.” “I’m sure you already know the American members of our team: Karate Bear, Laserface Pete and the Incredible Blazing Woman. And representing the British side, here are Pip-Pip […]

Master of the Mystic Arts: Your guide to Doctor Strange hype

With movies starring characters like Ant-Man and Rocket Raccoon under their belts, Marvel probably feel pretty confident that they can sell a movie with a relatively little-known character. And they’re probably right about November’s big release, Doctor Strange. Still, if you aren’t familiar with the character, the trailers may still have you wondering who the good […]

The Walking Dead: What We Hope To Learn From The Season 7 Premiere

Since the season six finale of The Walking Dead, speculation has been flying from every corner of the internet claiming to have decoded the mystery of who fell victim to Negan and Lucille. While sneak peeks and interviews have given hints of who got the bat and glimpses of what’s to come, I’ve tried my […]

Marvel’s Luke Cage examines what it means to be a black hero

Netflix’s latest Marvel series, Luke Cage, is out, and it’s already picking up strong reviews. The preceding series, Daredevil and Jessica Jones, seem to have been well-received by fans and critics alike, so does the new entry live up to its predecessors? First, a quick piece of background: Luke Cage, also sometimes called Power Man, wasn’t Marvel’s first major […]