Felicity Grows Past Her Limits in New Breast Expansion Series

Criminal intrigue and sexual exploits reach bra-busting proportions in Felicity, a new series from The Breast Expansion Story Club.

Author Fahzbehn returns in brilliant fashion with a titillating premise and a captivating cast of characters, while the art of J.J. McQuade perfectly complements the fast-paced, winding tale of riveting sex scenes, enthralling breast expansion, and exhilarating action.

Chapter one drops us in the middle of the action, with the beautiful Felicity in hot pursuit after a petty purse-snatcher. The visuals of the opening sequence give us a glimpse of Felicity’s speed and grace, while her captions give us some insight into her thought process.

With an unwavering commitment to her job as an agent for the Bureau for Supernatural Tactics and Intelligence Gathering (BurSTInG), Felicity hunts down criminals like a predator stalks her prey, though she yearns for more than chasing common thieves. It doesn’t take long before Felicity gets what she wanted, though the outcome may be more than she asked for.

Cat burglar, the Blooming Fool, has struck nearby and it’s up to Felicity to bring him in. But with little intel on the thief, Felicity goes after the Fool completely unaware of his sexually-stimulating tactics. When the two clash, the Fool’s mysterious device causes Felicity’s breasts and her sexual desires to swell to uncontrollable levels, leading to a raucous romp between her and the fool. Though part of her wanted to stop him, the rest of her wanted more. She moaned in pleasure as he thrusted himself inside of her, until fellow big-breasted agent Tempo swooped in for the rescue.

Back in the safety of BurSTInG headquarters, Felicity still can’t get over what happened. Constant daydreams and sexual urges have Felicity yearning for more from the Fool, but when her boss presents her with a ring that will enable her to control her breast expansion, she decides he’ll be a perfect stand-in for the time being.

The series is only two chapters in, making now the perfect time to start reading Felicity.

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