Terminator Genisys’ Makes ‘Terminator Salvation’ Look Like ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’

There is no future, there is no past. Let’s hope this Terminator is the last! Terminator Genisys comes courtesy of SkyDance Productions at a cost of $170 million. It is distributed by Paramount/Viacom VIAB -1.5% Inc. and will be released in a dozen markets this weekend before dropping in America and elsewhere on July 1st […]

ComiXology Submit, a disappointing experience

About a year ago, we decided to start publishing our comics into other comic networks like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ComiXology and other ebook stores. ComiXology Submit just arrived so, after the frustrating experiences with Amazon an others, we decided to try. We published a 130 pages comic normally offered on 10 pages chapters on one […]