Top Three Comics that should be made into Movies

Movies based on comic are dominating the big screen, from the depths of the Marvel Universe to any Mark Millar miniseries. A quick glance at the titles set to hit theaters may seem to have comics well represented, but there are still countless stories tailor-made for adaptation to feature film.

Though this list is in no way comprehensive, these are the top three comics I want to see made into movies.


  • Men of Wrath.

While Jason Aaron’s fan favorite series Scalped and Southern Bastards are slated to hit the silver screen, his less popular, though equally entertaining miniseries Men of Wrath would be an amazing hour-and-a-half thrill ride in theaters.


Starting with a story from Aaron’s own family history, Men of Wrath follows Alabama hit man Ira Rath through an unrelenting tale of family, legacy, and violence. Though the story’s packed with action and boasts an incredible body count, it also offers rich characters with believable arcs.


  • Moon Knight.

No, not the caped billionaire version we’re likely to see in the MCU, but the white-suit wearing, crime-fighting, paranormal investigating Moon Knight of Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey.


Ellis’ one-shot approach to the comics would lend itself perfectly to film, allowing for a noir-ish, street level, mystical crime story that’s not wrapped up in the continuity of other Marvel movies.


  • Frank Miller’s Ronin.

Though New Line has been developing the movie since 1998, and Syfy has recently started working on a Ronin miniseries, this Frank Miller classic deserves to be seen in the same splendor as Sin City and 300.


Whether through high-contrast stylized visuals, or a more cerebral grounded approach, the big screen is the perfect setting to tell this epic story of loyalty, purpose, and love that winds through ancient Japan and future New York.

What comics do you want to see made into movies? Let us know in the comments section.

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