Bimbos are big business in Trance-tory Takeover

From the news that we read to the food that we eat, the phones that we use and the clothes that we wear, sometimes it seems like we rely on big corporations for everything in our lives. That can be a worrying thought when you consider that it’s in the nature of a corporation to place profits before people — but what if a major company had another, even more sinister agenda?

That’s the premise of Trance-tory Takeover, an ongoing story from Or maybe it would be better to say a collection of stories — rather than the saga of a single character, Trance-tory Takeover is more like a collection of short tales set in a shared universe. With each of these stories, we see the development of mysterious megacorporation Trance-tory’s plot to take over the world via mind control as it affects a different group of characters.

The main story is divided into several chapters, each of which starts with a look at how Trance-tory’s “provide and conquer” plan is going. In the first chapter, we meet high-achieving high-school student Megan Minder, whose life is transformed when she receives a mysterious late-night phone call that does … something … to her mind. In the second chapter, a group of big-box retail workers are subjected to a radical new type of workplace training that leaves them with a completely new attitude toward customer service. Finally, we meet some students who are about to receive an education completely different from the one they were expecting.

William S. Burroughs famously called language a virus, and that’s a concept that all of these stories share: Trance-tory’s power comes from a form of information that can enter a human mind and, like a computer virus, reprogram it, creating a new personality that’s as sexually depraved as it is sexually aggressive. Either gradually or instantly, these reprogrammed women go on the hunt for sex.

Kris P. Kreme’s script combines a detailed backstory with a plot and dialogue mainly focused on the sexual consequences of Trance-tory’s mind control. Don’t look for a lot of character development, here — after all, this is a bimbo story, and the usual gist of those is whatever the opposite of character development is. Character … simplification? Anyway, there’s plenty of that, as Trance-tory’s plot turns ordinary women into simple-minded, single-minded sex engines. Peter Logan handles art duties (although there’s a changeover in part three to an artist whose name I didn’t catch — is it Chris Flash?), doing a good job of showing the changes in characters while keeping their basic appearance the same, a task that isn’t as easy as it looks.

I said earlier that Trance-tory Takeover is a collection of related stories rather than a single overarching narrative. That means that you get a lot of different views of the main plot, but it also means that the premise does wind up being repeated more than once. This might be a story to read in chunks rather than sitting down and consuming from beginning to end.

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