Felicity Grows Past Her Limits in New Breast Expansion Series

Criminal intrigue and sexual exploits reach bra-busting proportions in Felicity, a new series from The Breast Expansion Story Club. Author Fahzbehn returns in brilliant fashion with a titillating premise and a captivating cast of characters, while the art of J.J. McQuade perfectly complements the fast-paced, winding tale of riveting sex scenes, enthralling breast expansion, and […]

An April Birthday Brings Breast Expansion to Another Level

Fresh out of BEArchives, An April Birthday tells the story of April’s 18th birthday, which goes from miserable to unimaginably great, all with the blowing out of her birthday candles. After a day of being wrong in everything she says, from giving the pizza man the wrong address to telling her boyfriend the wrong time […]

Seven Daring Dwarves Definitively Answers Who’s the Fairest of them All

Seven Daring Dwarves puts an interesting spin on a fairytale classic. This adult interpretation of the timeless tale puts Snow up against her evil stepmother in a big-breasted battle to see who’s really the fairest of them all. It all starts when Snow tries to escape her stepmother, only to end up lost in the […]

The Bureau of Restructured Anatomy Debuts with Magnificent Breast Expansion

A new original series from BE Story Club author SaburoX and illustrator J.J. McQuade, Bureau of Restructured Anatomy: Interrogation introduces a world of scientific breast expansion, corporate intrigue, and mysterious government agents. Chapter one tells the story of how genius scientist Dr. Jillian Hoover came to be recruited by the Bureau of Restructured Anatomy, also […]

Genies, Bunnies, Breast Expansion, And More Make T&A A Can’t Miss Experience

T&A lives up to its name by combining riveting tits and ass expansion scenes with a spellbinding story that weaves fantasy elements with slice of life motives. The story begins with flat-chested geek Cindi working the night shift at the school museum. Upset with her big-breasted frenemies Tina and Andrea because they didn’t get her […]

A hard-boiled detective works on a big bust in “The Lucky Lady”

The 1940s and 50s were a golden age for American crime cinema; influenced by German Expressionist film and the pulp fiction of the interwar era, movie-makers produced the moody, stylish, cynical tales that have come to be known as film noir. From The Maltese Falcon to Touch of Evil, these movies told the story of desperate, damaged men […]

Comic Science Takes a Strange Turn in Collider

Collider is an adult breast-expansion comic about particle physics, and it’s part of the finest tradition of comic book science. Don’t believe me? Read on. Have you ever noticed that the origin of superpowers tends to change from one generation to another? Take Golden Age heroes like the Blue Beetle, Green Lantern or Hawkman for […]