A Year of Free Comics: Look for Mothman, the Lady in White, and more in FINDING FIENDS

The comedy series on Webtoons takes a different approach to cryptid hunting
We’ve all heard of legends like the Lady in White, Mothman, Bigfoot, Nessie, and more. There are plenty of shows and YouTube videos where paranormal investigators show their evidence that these creatures exist. In Finding Fiends, Finn is looking to take his BooTube Series up a notch. What better way than employing the actual Mothman himself?!
Created by LizardxLizard, the comedy series on Webtoons offers a humorous look at the ever-popular paranormal investigative world, particularly those hunters who turn to internet sites like YouTube to propel them to fame and fortune. 
Finn’s approach to his channel takes a fortuitous turn when he slams into the actual Mothman. Unfortunately, the infamous cryptid doesn’t understand who he is or why he’s so famous. He also would rather be called Dave. Together the pair embark on paranormal quests to capture quality footage of other creatures and legends. Extra added bonus: Dave is really great with a camera!
Finding Fiends updates every Monday and Thursday. Catch up here.
Finding Fiends
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