Adam Sandler Stopped Reading Reviews After Critics Tore Apart This Fan-Favorite Comedy

Adam Sandler has made his fair share of movies. Some of them could be considered awful, while others are pretty good. The actor has made a name for himself doing outlandish comedies, and he has also shown that he is very versatile. Most recently, Sandler starred in Uncut Gems, which saw him placed in a very dramatic and thrilling situation. Uncut Gems was directed by the Safdie Brothers and was a hit with critics and moviegoers. Sandler won an Independent Spirit award for Male Lead and was almost nominated for an Academy Award. You would think that with this turn of events, that Sandler wouldn’t even think about his past failures, but it seems that he hasn’t. During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor revealed that he stopped reading reviews after Billy Madison was torn apart by critics.

“When I was 17 and I got into this, I didn’t think about critics … I didn’t even realize that stuff was coming. I just thought you made movies, people go see it,” Sandler told the magazine. “When Billy Madison came out, me and my friend who wrote it, we were just like, ‘Oh yeah, they’re going to write about this in New York!’ We grew up reading the papers, we were going to NYU. And then we read the first one and we were like, ‘Oh my god, what happened? They hate us.’ And then we were like, ‘It must have been this paper,’ but then 90 percent of the papers are going ‘This is garbage.'”

During a previous interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sandler confirmed that he is “going to do another movie with the Safdie brothers.” This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, given how well-received their first partnership was. Unfortunately, Sandler didn’t elaborate on the new project.

“They’re working hard on it,” he said of the Safdies. “Their work ethic is bananas. They’re always working, always writing, always thinking. I don’t know what I can tell you, but it’s gonna be very exciting. It’s different. But I don’t want them to ever say, “What the hell did you tell him that for?’ So I’ll just let them talk [about it].”

There are no currently no other details available on the project just yet regarding the new Sander/Safdie film other than what’s stated. With that being said, we’ll have no shortage of the actor between now and the arrival of that next Safdie project. Sandler has two new films releasing on Netflix this year. Hustle, a movie about a basketball scout trying to strike gold with an unproven player, is currently streaming after hitting the service this summer. Later in the year, Sandler can be seen in the movie Spaceman, alongside The Batman star Paul Dano.

Sandler also recently wrapped filming on Murder Mystery 2, the sequel to one of the most-watched Netflix movies of all time. The comedy follow-up will see Sandler and Jennifer Aniston reuniting on-screen once again.

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