AEW Crowns Jamie Hayter as New Interim Women's Champion at Full Gear

AEW Full Gear was not short on battles for Championship Gold, and it was finally time for the battle for the AEW Women’s Championship between Toni Storm and Jamie Hayter. The two former friends knew each other so well and that showed itself throughout the match, as they countered each other’s moves and knew to anticipate each other’s finishers and signatures. This was easily one of the best matches of the night, and at one point it looked like despite Rebel and Britt Baker interfering Storm would still retain, but then Hayter took command and took down Storm for the pin and the win, making Jamie Hayter your new Interim AEW Women’s Champion.

After Storm and Hayter went back and forth a minute they went all-in, exchanging holds and trying to gain an advantageous position. Hayter got the side headlock locked in and Storm couldn’t quite counter. Storm eventually escaped and knocked Hayter down with a shoulder tackle but Hayter came back with a huge punch and the two ended up on either side of the ring.

What a match! @jmehytr and champion Toni Storm giving it their all!

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They taunted each other and then Storm hit a drop-kick and then connected with a hip throw that sent Hayter reeling towards the barricade. Storm chased Hayter and kept kicking her into the barricade and then slammed her head onto the ring apron. Hayter retaliated and slammed Storm into the barricade and then broke the count. Hayter picked Storm up but Storm maneuvered out of the way and slammed Hayter straight into the post twice.

Storm picked up Hayter and connected with some chops against the post, but on the third one Hayter dodged it and she slammed her hand right into the post. Hayter threw her into the barricades and then both were in the ring. Hayter taunted a bit and then hit a snap suplex into a cover but she kicked out. Hayter dug her feet into Storm in the corner and then hit several mean looking chops on Storm. A shoulder tackle followed and she went for a cover but Storm kicked out.

Hayter kept up the attack and put her foot on Storm’s neck against the ropes, and then she locked in a hold in the middle of the ring. Storm was slammed down on the back of her head by Hayter, and when the referee got in her face she pushed him away. She got in his face a bit more and Storm threw a strike but Hayter kept her down on the mat. Storm and Hatyer traded shots and then Storm pounced and hit with a flurry of punches, and a successful Hip Attack followed.

Storm went up and hit the crossbody and went for a cover but Hayter kicked out. Storm hit a slick DDT and went for another cover, but Hayter lifted her shoulder and broke the pin. Hayter clocked Storm but then Storm returned the favor with a headbutt and she collapsed onto Hayter for the cover, but Hayter kicked out.

Then Rebel came out to the ring and in the ring Hayter and Storm traded massive back below shots, and while the referee was looking away Rebel hit Storm with the Title and Hayter capitalized, going for the cover, but Storm kicked out at the last minute. Rebel was so incensed that she kicked out that she bot up on the ring apron but the referee saw her with the Title and threw her out. Storm was up and hit a huge clothesline and went for a cover but Hayter kicked out and escaped a Texas Cloverleaf. The hip attack followed but she missed and ended up outside. Then Britt Baker came out of nowhere and stomped on Storm ,and Hayter got her in the ring to pin her but she kicked out.

Hayter charged up and went for a move but Storm avoided it and hit the Storm Zero into the cover but Hayter kicked out somehow. Storm then locked in the cloverleaf but she broke it to fend off Baker, giving Hatyer the room to pin her but she kicked out. Hayter hit a lariat in the corner and several back elbows, and Baker then went to take off the turnbuckle pad. Hayter was sent into her and then she hit the finisher on Storm and got the win. Hayter is your new AEW Women’s Champion.

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