AEW Dynamite: Eddie Kingston's Stumble Is Getting Compared to Hilarious WWE Moment

Tonight’s AEW Dynamite ended in a chaotic battle in and outside of the ring, as Chris Jericho came to the ring to help out Daniel Garcia against Mox. That led to Eddie Kingston bolting to the ring to take out Jericho, and he indeed bolted to the ring. He was moving so fast that he just about lost his footing and ran into the ring, though he caught himself before that happened. Fans were quickly talking about the moment on social media, and it didn’t take long for the comparisons to another infamous WWE moment involving Titus O’Neil to start making the rounds. You can find some of our favorite reactions starting on the next slide.

For those who aren’t familiar with Titus’ famous moment, it came during the Greatest Royal Rumble, and O’Neil would enter the match at the 39th spot. He ran down the ramp but lost his footing and ended up going right under the ring apron and underneath the ring, and it was hilarious. Now, O’Neil has said since then that it was actually a planned spot, which wouldn’t be the first time that a comedic spot was planned during a Battle Royal.

Eddie Kingston???????? ???????#JONMOXLEY #AEW #AEWDYNAMITE #EddieKingston @JonMoxley @MadKing1981

Whether it was planned or unplanned, it remains an unforgettable moment, and Kingston just about created his own version. You can check out the moment from Dynamite in the post above, and you can find some of the best reactions coming in on Kingston’s run-in starting on the next slide.

Eddie Kingston was about to have a Titus O Neil moment ? #AEWDynamite

Eddie Kingston almost died running down the ramp lol

Oh my god Eddie Kingston almost pulled a Titus O’Neil #AEWDynamite

Eddie Kingston running to ring. #AEWDynamite

Eddie Kingston almost pulled a Titus O’Neal Lmaooooo #AEW

Eddie Kingston almost had his own Titus world slide #AEWDynamite #AEW ????

Eddie Kingston was running so fast he almost fell ? Dude WAS ON A MISSION!!! #AEWDynamite

Eddie Kingston almost pay a homage to Titus! ?#AEW #AEWDynamite

Eddie Kingston almost visited Hornswoggle. Nice recovery though. Stayed on his feet

Eddie about to blow an ACL before colliding with the ring apron


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