AEW Report: CM Punk Not Being Removed From Fight Forever Video Game

AEW’s first video game is set to hit next year, but after the falling out between AEW and CM Punk, it wasn’t known if Punk would still be included in AEW: Fight Forever when it finally hit stores. A new report from Sportskeeda seeks to clear that up, as after reaching out for clarification regarding Punk’s inclusion, AEW representatives told them that if anyone already shown to be in the game needed to be removed, they would make an announcement about it. They then said that they expect all characters previously revealed to be in the game.

Regardless of what happens between Punk and AEW, it appears he will be part of the company’s first video game. Punk was previously showcased on the game’s cover, but a new cover was revealed ahead of Full Gear that removed him and showcased more AEW stars overall, with Kenny Omega now in the central spot and surrounded by stars like Hangman Adam Page, MJF, Jade Cargill, Britt Baker, and more.

In this way, the game will treat its roster like WWE’s 2K series does. When WWE made numerous cuts to its roster during WWE 2K22’s development, those stars weren’t removed from the game. That led to it being one of the biggest rosters and yet also one of the most inaccurate, as by that time many had gone on to other companies or promotions since their release.

Ironically after Triple H took over that roster is once again pretty accurate, as many have returned to WWE since. AEW hasn’t had that many roster changes overall, though Punk does stick out just because of how it all went down. While he may not be returning to AEW, fans can still line up some dream matches that never took place in Fight Forever.

The roster doesn’t include everyone currently on AEW’s roster, but it does feature quite a few, including Darby Allin, Omega, Baker, Cargill, Page, MJF, Sting, Adam Cole, Nyla Rose, Thunder Rosa, Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho, Kris Statlander, Orange Cassidy, and more.

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