Ahsoka: Mary Elizabeth Winstead Trends As Star Wars Fans Celebrate Her Casting Announcement

By Jamie Jirak
There was some big casting news in the wide world of Star Wars today when it was announced that Mary Elizabeth Winstead would be joining Disney+’s Ahsoka series. Winstead is known for an array of films ranging from Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World to Birds of Prey, and even acted alongside Ahsoka‘s star, Rosario Dawson, in Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof. Many people have taken to Twitter today to celebrate Winstead’s casting and guess who she could be playing.
Spinning out of the events of Star Wars: The MandalorianStar Wars: Ahsoka will follow the ongoing adventures of its titular character. The series is written and executive produced by Star Wars icon Dave Filoni with The Mandalorian‘s Jon Favreau executive producing as well. In addition to Winstead and Dawson, the cast of the show also includes Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker, Natasha Liu Borddizzo as Sabine Wren, and Ivanna Sakhno in a currently-unknown role. 
There are some great tweets about Winstead joining Star Wars, including some jokes about the fact that Winstead’s real-life partner, Ewan McGregor, is Obi-Wan Kenobi. You can check out some of the tweets below…
Mary Elizabeth Winstead entering the #StarWars universe is all sorts of perfect. pic.twitter.com/IKz45M5Jqh
Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead – real life couple and stars of upcoming Star Wars projects pic.twitter.com/KZuyIj8lRJ
I love this so much, it’s ridiculous. https://t.co/P2z2NI5UIz
mary elizabeth winstead is joining the star ways universe?????? pic.twitter.com/mYpf9QGHNy
#Ahsoka #StarWars
Alright hear me out. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is playing Hera
👀👀👀🤞🏼🤞🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💚💚💚 pic.twitter.com/Ey9bwMf07K
Alright hear me out. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is playing Ar’alani. pic.twitter.com/B0fG4Bm2jY
Remember when Ewan McGregor said he shot a scene on May the 4th for the Obi-Wan show with ‘someone very special’ in his life? Could Mary Elizabeth Winstead also be in the Obi-Wan show?? Could she play a character we already know and love?🤔 pic.twitter.com/EgM9larXjd
After Mary Elizabeth Winstead, sources have confirmed the next two AHSOKA cast members… pic.twitter.com/cfvlwSvXfi
Force Ghost Obi-Wan seeing Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Ahsoka: pic.twitter.com/W9UdQx9f7y
Mary Elizabeth Winstead coming to #Ahsoka. Who is she playing? pic.twitter.com/Z33fUMKIrt
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