Anchorman Star David Koechner Charged With DUI And Hit-And-Run

Anchorman star David Koechner was charged with a DUI and a Hit-And-Run this week. Earlier this year, the comedian found himself in hot water as police pulled him into custody on New Year’s Eve. Near Ventura, California, Koechner got pulled over for suspicion of a DUI. Ventura County Sheriff’s Office booked him at the jail after the incident in Simi Valley. TMZ has provided updates about the court date and what the charges entail. Both DUI and hit-and-run are misdemeanor offenses. Police got some calls about a driver hitting a street sign with their car from concerned bystanders. By the time Ventura County Sheriffs found Koechner, the actor was not in the best shape. They had him participate in a sobriety test and he failed. The comedian was arrested and booked back then. TMZ also got pictures of his car later that week that showed some visible damage to the backside of the vehicle.

Back in January. TMZ had sources indicate that the scene was a bit sloppy. “Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … police got a call for an erratic driver, which a patrolling officer located — only to find David behind the wheel,” the report read. “We’re told he was given field sobriety tests, which he didn’t do well on … and got hauled in for drunk driving and allegedly hitting a street sign with his car…”

They continued, “…Law enforcement sources tell us Koechner blew two tires before he was pulled over. We’re told he blew a .13 BAC in the field and then a .12 once back at the station. Per online records, he was released early the next morning … around 5 AM PT. He’s got a court date in March to answer for this arrest.”

The Office star has been a familiar face in comedy for years. He told ScreenCrush that he was trying to get some jobs that would keep him closer to his family. There is no telling how the incident could affect his career.

“I have a wife and five children so my preference would be to do a sitcom, because that way I get to stay home with my wife and kids all the time. Sadly these days, most features are shot out of town which is tough,” Koechner explained. “And, where there’s nothing better than the consistency of a television show. Because you know where you’re going to be, how long you’re going to be, you’re going to know where your breaks are, you know, usually, how many hours you’ll be working during the day. And in television you get a two-week break. I mean come on, it’s one of the greatest jobs in the world.”

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