Andrew Garfield's Amazing Spider-Man Was the #4 Netflix Movie Worldwide

Andrew Garfield’s first turn as Marvel’s webslinger, 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man, recently made its way onto Netflix and pretty quickly climbed the charts to become the #1 film on the streamer in the US. Netflix has now released new viewing metrics for the past week, revealing that the film was the #4 movie on Netflix around the world. According to the streamer The Amazing Spider-Man was streamed 8.4 million hours in the week of June 6 to June 12. In the previous week, May 30 to June 5, the film was streamed 13.5 million hours, meaning in the two weeks its been up on Netflix it’s been watched nearly a million times by Marvel fans.

For comparison’s sake, the #1 movie in the past week on Netflix was Hustle, the Adam Sandler-starring sports drama, with over 84 million hours viewed. This type of success is to be expected with a brand new movie arriving on the streaming service, but The Amazing Spider-Man’s metrics on the streamer have also put it ahead some other actual Netflix originals. The recent Mike Myers TV series The Pentaverate was an unmitigated bomb for the streamer, not even tracking in the Top 10 TV shows when it premiered, meaning a 10 year old Spider-Man movie was viewed more on Netflix than a brand new Mike Myers TV show, his first original work since the reboot of The Gong Show (remember that?).

There’s been a resurgence of praise and admiration for Andrew Garfield‘s two Spider-Man movies in the wake of the record-breaking Spider-Man: No Way Home, with many Marvel fans calling for the actor to be given the chance to make a third film where he stars as Peter Parker once again. Garfield himself hasn’t totally ruled it out either but has specific measures in place for what would get him to return.

Never say never. It’s a character that’s always going to be so meaningful to me, and so beautiful to me. It comes back to service. I think if there’s a way, because that’s what that character is all about, he’s all about serving the greater good and serving his fellow people, serving humanity and all life,” Garfield previously told ET. “So, if there’s a way for me to continue to add to the legacy of that character in a way that feels like it’s of service to an audience, of service to the themes that [co-creator] Stan Lee injected that character with, I’m open, of course.”

Garfield continued, “I’m very, very open, but it would have to be very, very special. It would have to be very, very meaningful and fun, and joyful, like doing No Way Home was.”


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