Arthur Finale: Fans Say Goodbye to PBS Show After 25 Seasons

By Cameron Bonomolo
Arthur fans are saying “hey (hey!)” one last time as the beloved children’s series airs its final episodes on PBS and PBS KIDS. After 25 seasons and 253 episodes, the finale season of Arthur concludes with a final four episodes premiering on February 21. PBS announced the end of Arthur last year, concluding creator Marc Brown’s educational series about bespectacled aardvark Arthur Read (voice of Roman Lutterotti) and friends. Monday’s series finale, “All Grown Up,” will flash forward 25 years to reveal the characters as grown-ups — and now adults who grew up with the series are saying goodbye as PBS closes the book on Arthur.
“It was wonderful to see the response. I’m still getting many messages on my Instagram page: ‘Is Arthur really over?'” Brown told The New York Times of the Internet’s impassioned response to Arthur’s 25th and final season. “I love seeing reactions from these young adults who grew up with Arthur, the fact that these characters are still fresh in their minds. It’s great that he’s touched so many people so deeply that they want him to continue.”
Arthur ends as the longest-running kids’ animated series on television. In the final four episodes, Arthur and his friends solve a mystery, see a silent movie, find out what it’s like to be a reporter, learn how to help a grieving friend, go on a family vacation, and get a hint of their futures from a mysterious fortune-telling game, according to PBS. 
After 25 seasons, it’s time to grow up and glow up! ✨
Find out what Arthur and his friends grow up to be in an all-new episode of @arthurpbs! Tune in for the premiere of “All Grown Up”, Monday February 21. Check your local @PBSKIDS listings to see the schedule! #Arthur25 #Arthur
All 25 seasons and more than 250 episodes of Arthur continue to be available on PBS KIDS. The Arthur: 25 Years marathon continues with back-to-back episodes on the PBS KIDS 24/7 channel and livestream, as well as on the PBS KIDS YouTube channel until 5:00 p.m. EST. The four brand-new episodes will air on PBS stations (check local listings) and stream free on PBS KIDS on February 21, concluding the show’s 25th and final television season, according to PBS. 
“For more than 25 years, Arthur and his friends have kept viewers learning and growing through their true-to-life experiences,” Sara DeWitt, Senior Vice President and General Manager, PBS KIDS, said in a statement. “We can’t wait to debut these episodes and introduce new Arthur content that will give fans more ways to engage with their favorite aardvark.” 
Good morning! (I can’t believe this is the last day of new #Arthur episodes. 😢)
R.I.P to one of the best childhood TV series ever created. #RIPArthur #Arthur
arthur somewhat shaped my childhood. as a kid, this show brought me so much joy when i would watch it after a long day from school. i’m sad that this monumental show is ending but all good things must come to an end. #Arthur25 #Arthur @arthurpbs
This is it, the end for Arthur is near. Goodbye Arthur. #Arthur25 #Arthur
Aww! Just found out #Arthur is ending today after 25 years. I remember watching with my nephew. Loved this show so much! 💔❤️
The #Arthur series finale is today and I am getting emotional. That lil aardvark was a really good friend
#Arthur #Arthur25 #goodbye
This show was my childhood and I’m sad to see it end. All the memories and laughter and life lessons learned. It’s one of my comfort shows and even as an adult, I still love the show. #arthurmarathon
Well, it’s time to say good bye to #Arthur. To everyone that worked on the show for the last 25 years, thank you so much. This show was definitely part of my childhood. We are going to miss this show so much.
Really sad that Arthur is ending after 25 Years. This show changed my life & help served as one of the main inspirations towards my animation career. It’s hard saying goodbye but we’ll never forget the many childhood memories. Thank You @PBSKIDS & Marc Brown!#Arthur #Arthur25
Arthur premiered on PBS Kids October 7, 1996 and its final episode airs today February 21, 2022. A 25 year legacy second only to The Simpsons. Goodbye and thanks Arthur. #Arthur
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