Attack on Titan Cosplay Terrifyingly Brings Back Ymir

The final season of Attack on Titan is as brutal as it is creative, with the introduction of the Founding Titan seeing Eren Jaeger gain a power that has led him onto a path that has turned his former friends into enemies as he seeks to use the power of the Rumbling to wipe most of the world clean. With the story of Ymir easily being one of the most tragic in a series that is known for its tragic origin stories, one fan has decided to revisit the Founding Titan using some spot-on, and disturbing, Cosplay.

Ymir was the first-ever Titan that was introduced to the world forged by creator Hajime Isayama, with the young Eldian girl inadvertently finding herself running into a twisted organism that granted her the power of a Titan. Finding herself enslaved to the Eldian king, not even death was able to grant her rest as she is shown assisting her descendants in reshaping their bodies once they were injured. With Eren and his brother Zeke able to transport themselves to the realm of the Paths where Ymir currently resides, the young girl is able to give her strength to Eren Jaeger, causing quite the problems for the world at large as the Rumbling has been unleashed.

Instagram Cosplayer Yuji Hannah shared this unique take on Ymir, managing to capture the terrifying look of the unfortunate Eldian that was the first recipient of the power of the Titans, with the Founding Titan set to play a role in the grand finale of the series of Attack on Titan:

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Currently, fans have been left wondering how the story of Attack on Titan will come to an end via Studio MAPPA’s anime, but the secret is sure to be revealed at Anime Japan, the major event taking place later this week. With the dark series set to have a panel at this convention, many fans are theorizing that the grand finale of the series will come about as a feature-length film, especially considering how popular anime films such as Demon Slayer: Mugen Train and Jujutsu Kaisen 0 have become.

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