Attack on Titan Fans Agree the Newest Episode is One of the Best Ever

By Megan Peters
Attack on Titan has some memorable episodes under its belt, but season four hopes to overcome most of them. In the last decade, Eren has led his friends through many battles, but his allegiances have faltered as of late. Episode 78 made that much clear this week as season four dropped a new update, and fans are already calling the release one of the best to ever join the series. 
As you can see in the slides below, Attack on Titan episode 78 is one of the biggest yet in season four. The update not only brought around some epic battles, but a slew of deaths were confirmed as well. A massive cliffhanger even set up one hero’s death, and we were introduced to a secret world that few have mentioned up until now.
From its animation to its pacing, Attack on Titan shines in this latest episode. MAPPA Studios has mastered its take on the series, and its CG animation has only enhanced its vision. As season four goes forward, fans can expect even more from MAPPA, and Attack on Titan promises to end its run with a truly deserving bang.
What do you make of Attack on Titan‘s latest episode? Did its final moments take you by surprise? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.
Attack On Titan 4×17(78) is a cinematic masterpiece and I can’t stop talking/thinking about, maybe I never will.
The visuals, score, cinematography, voice acting … EVERYTHING. Easily one of the best episodes of the series and one of the best I ever seen. 10/10 chef’s kiss 👌
Attack on Titan episode 78 is one for the history of anime.
It might be single handedly be the best episode of all time.
And mappa animations made something beautiful in this episode wat the f*ck man
Mappa made one of the best attack on titan moments even better
Today we had one of the best and greatest animated episode. The visuals were perfect and clean. I need to thank Mappa for they adapt and animate aot even they having other project to curently. Attack on Titan is greatest fiction story #AttackonTitanFinalSeason
Hands down the best MAPPA episode by far. But genuinely one of the most captivating experiences within all of Attack On Titan. Truly a masterpiece of an episode. #AttackOnTitan
Lmao they actually did it. Best episode of Attack on Titan Mappa has ever made.
That was definitely one of the best Attack on Titan episode. The name of the ep is called “Big Brother and Younger Brother” looking at the 3 relationships (Zeke/Eren, Colt/Falco, Marcel/Porco)
Colt clings onto Falco not letting me go till the very end and Porco
10/10 Episode.
MAPPAs best AoT episode tbh.
The snipe shot was so good animated!🔥
Attack on Titan is goated🐐🔥#shingeki #AttackonTitanFinalSeasonpart2
A collage to one of the best and iconic episode in attack on titan! 10/10 for the OST, voice-acting and visual animation. Thank you Mappa!
This was easily one of the best Attack on Titan episodes, I can’t wait for next week
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