Attack on Titan Introduces Season 4's New Jaw Titan

Attack on Titan has officially introduced its new Jaw Titan with the penultimate episode of the fourth and final season! Part 2 of Attack on Titan‘s final season will be coming to an end very soon with the rest of the Spring 2022 anime schedule, and that means the final string of episodes are laying down the much needed groundwork for the franchise’s final battle. With the final Titan shifters are joining together for a final effort against Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan, the final of these shifters has come to the battle with the newest episode of the series.

The second part of Attack on Titan’s final season has shown more of a focus on Falco than ever before as he unknowingly ingested Zeke’s spinal fluid and was doomed to become a Titan. Following a sacrifice from his brother and the former Jaw Titan user Porco Galliard allowing Falco’s Titan to eat him on the brink of death, Falco ended up inheriting the power of the Jaw Titan himself. The newest episode of the series finally saw Falco activate this power and it unleashed a whole new kind of design for the Titan. Check it out below as spotted by @nephobear on Twitter:

Falco’s jaw titan literally is one of the best titan designs ever#shingeki

As Falco unleashed his own Jaw Titan power with Episode 86 of Attack on Titan, it’s clear right away that Falco’s version of the Titan is going to be much different. Not only does he not have proper control over its power (which makes sense as this is the first time he has had to use it), but it’s going to be a dangerous piece of the puzzle if not used correctly. Falco’s Jaw Titan helps to take down some of the Yeagerists that were protecting the port, but it also does a great deal of damage as it was almost a berserker Titan power.

The last thing that humanity needs at this moment is a Titan that will go out of control unless calmed down by the others, so while Falco’s Jaw Titan seems to be a powerful piece in this fight to come he’s going to need to use it smartly heading into the grand finale. What that finale will be is certainly still in question as the final episode fast approaches, but what do you think? How do you like Falco’s version of the Jaw Titan? What role do you hope he plays in the finale? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!


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