Attack on Titan Releases Episode 87 Synopsis

Attack on Titan has been working on season four for some time, but its work is almost through. The show is working through a big battle right now, and even though the winter cour is ending, more is on the horizon for the show. In fact, episode 87 is slated to drop at the start of April, and we’ve been given a synopsis for the update at last.

The update comes from the Attack on Titan website as always. So if you want to brace yourself for what’s to come, the blurb for “The Dawn of Humanity” can be read below:

“What we saw that day. What we talked about on that day. What we chose that day. That was all he ever wanted. Nothing has changed for him.”

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If the episode’s title or description sounds familiar to you, well – that is not a shock. After all, the name comes straight from the manga. Attack on Titan used the title for its 130th chapter, and readers know the update is a doozy. After all, it follows Mikasa and her group as they race after Eren who is still rumbling towards Marley with his army of Colossal Titans. And as for him, he finds himself stuck in his memories in this big chapter.

This update will give fans some much-needed context about Eren’s recent choices and his decision to raze the world. The preview for episode 87 shows snippets of Eren’s time in Marley when he was undercover with his friends and when he was masquerading as a wounded veteran. There is no doubt this episode will have lots to unpack, so fans will want to tune in when Attack on Titan returns to TV on April 3rd.

What do you make of this latest season four update? Where do you expect Attack on Titan to go after episode 87? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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