Attack on Titan Season 4 Explores Its Happy Ending With New Art

Attack on Titan is one of the biggest anime series in the world, and of course, all eyes are on its last big outing. If you did not know, the series is set to make a comeback just after the new year, and it will put Eren Yeager on the spot. After all, season four will bring his journey to an end, and now a new piece of art is live that shows how happily season four could be at its end.

The illustration comes courtesy of Kodansha and MAPPA Studio, of course. As you can see below, the colorful art showcases the anime’s favorites minus Armin. Eren and Mikasa are shown side by side while their superiors lead the way in some smart suits.

After all, Levi is rocking a navy blue suit, but it seems its tie is too tight for his liking. The same cannot be said for Hange as the soldier has traded in her tight uniform for some loose slacks and a jacket. With a hat covering her bangs, Hange’s eyepatch is barely visible, but she manages to look as intense as always.

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Of course, Eren looks smart in a button-up vest and slacks while Mikasa stands to his side in a gorgeous flowy skirt. Complete with trimmed hair, the soldier looks completely demure in this shot, and that is hardly the aesthetic fans see when Mikasa is involved. Over the years, the heroine has made a bloody reputation for herself, but it seems Eren can bring out her softer side.

These four are certainly happy here, and you can imagine them strolling down a festival here long after season four ends. However, the finale of Attack on Titan is up in the air. The anime has a few major episodes to go before fans can guess how things will end. So if you want to stay informed, be ready to check in on Attack on Titan in the coming months!

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