Attack on Titan Shares Jean's Most Emotional Moment Yet

Attack on Titan just showcased Jean Kirstein’s most emotional scene in the series yet in the fourth and final season of the series! The anime is now speeding towards its end as Eren Yeager’s Rumbling has made all those within and outside of the former Titan filled walls come to grips with what his plan to destroy the rest of the world really means. This has challenged the former members of the Survey Corps to a whole new level as they are now rethinking whether or not they want to keep fighting, and that’s especially true for Jean.

Fans have seen how Jean has found himself at the center of much of the chaos that broke out between the Eldians and new Yeagerists group as he’s found himself agreeing with the main core of Eren’s plan to save the island of Paradis. It would mean no more struggle for any of them, but at the same time he understands that it would mean this peace would be at the cost of so much suffering of others. But when he actually comes to face against the suffering from his past, he can’t hold back all of the emotions he feels as a result.

jean was trying to keep the anger he was feeling under control after learning the truth about what happened to marco, but every word that came out of reiner’s mouth increased it, until he couldn’t take it anymore#AttackOnTitan #Shingeki #AttackonTitanFinalSeasonpart2

Episode 84 of the series sees an unlikely alliance between Eldians and Marleyeans begin to form as they decide to take on Eren’s Founding Titan form directly. It’s here where those such as Reiner and Gabi come face to face with Jean and the others, and they air out all of the crimes they had enacted against one another in the service of winning the war for their respective sides. Jean tries to push beyond this as their way no longer matters in the face of total genocide, but then Reiner reminds Jean about Marco’s death and thus unleashes his anger.

Finding out that Marco was not only killed by Reiner and Annie, but killed in such a heartless way, Jean can’t hold back all of the feelings that had been bubbling up within him. He’s been struggling internally with the idea of the Yeagerists and his losses in the war thus far, and while he had been able to keep that under control until now this reveal was enough to push him over the edge. So much so that he can’t help but punch Reiner in the face a few times to feel better.

This is far from the only deeper look we’ll get into Jean as the final season continues, but what do you think? How did you feel about Jean’s most emotional moment in the anime yet? What do you think it means for his future in the series? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!


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