Attack On Titan Spotlights One of Its Best Love Confessions

By Evan Valentine
The world of the Titans has dealt with some heavy material over the course of the story of Eren Jaeger and his friends, but that doesn’t mean Hajime Isayama isn’t able to include some levity from time to time. In the latest installment of the final season of Attack On Titan‘s anime, Falco has a brief quiet moment with his brother Colt and the love of his life Gabi, taking the opportunity to reveal some secrets he had previously held close to his heart. 
Falco was introduced alongside Gabi and a number of other trainees that were in line to inherit the powers of the original Titans, but the young boy came to the realization that gaining these abilities wasn’t a walk in the park, especially considering that said powers would drastically reduce the inheritor’s lifespan. Traveling alongside Gabi as she boarded one of the Scout Regiment’s zeppelins during the first half of season four, Falco rode alongside the love of his life as the two found themselves behind enemy lines, attempting to survive while also discovering that the denizens of Paradis weren’t exactly the devils that they were originally told.
With Falco getting some help with a disillusioned member of Paradis’ army, he is able to reunite with his brother Colt and Gabi, taking the opportunity to reveal that he was in love with Gabi and was attempting to inherit the power of the Titans in order to save her from the fate of a shorter life while in service of Marley. Taken aback by this revelation, Gabi hardly knew what to do before the trio set out to try to stop Zeke from screaming, which would transform both Falco, and countless soldiers in the Eldian army, into Titans.
With the final season of Attack On Titan having around ten episodes left before it comes to a close, expect some major developments for Falco before the battle comes to a close, as fans are continuing to theorize that Studio MAPPA might be planning to bring the series to an end with a movie. 
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