Attack on Titan Star Confesses Reiner's Real Feeling About Eren

By Megan Peters
Attack on Titan is rolling through its fourth season, and that means its cast has been plenty busy. After all, Yuki Kaji is bringing Eren home behind the scenes at the recording booth, and he is far from the only one. For actors like Yoshimasa Hosoya, they’ve got a lot of material to work through, and a recent interview with the star has helped lay out Reiner’s thoughts on Eren. 
After all, who better to teach about Reiner than his actor? During a recent chat, Hosoya spoke openly about his work on Attack on Titan. It was there the star touched upon his character’s big feud with Eren, and Hosoya said the pair’s bond is plenty complicated.
“When I was dubbing Reiner, I got the feeling that he was being considerate for Eren this time. It’s a little hard to explain, but I think Reiner can sense when Eren is shining,” the voice actor shared. “I think Reiner always felt that Eren was a madman who was always eager to excel. And because he was a role model, he also tried to pretend he was always doing his best.”
Clearly, Hosoya has a handle on Reiner’s duel personality, and he gets that the soldier is wrestling with that these days. After being pegged as a villain, one of Reiner’s victims is now ready to curb all of humanity if it means keeping his loved ones safe. This extreme play has made Eren one of the most dangerous figures in Attack on Titan, leaving Reiner responsible to stop him. But with so much red in his ledger, it is unclear whether Reiner can take on Eren and not hold back his former guilt.
If you are not caught up with Attack on Titan at this point, you can keep up with season four on Crunchyroll and Funimation. These services are currently streaming all of seasons one through three, and Kondasha USA has the manga fully printed stateside either online or in stores. 
What do you think of Eren’s role in Attack on Titan season four so far? Do you believe Reiner and the gang can set Eren straight…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.
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