Austin Amelio Wanted Dwight to "Violently" Murder Negan on The Walking Dead

Austin Amelio regrets Dwight didn’t get to “violently” kill Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) on The Walking Dead. (Spoiler alert: Negan lives long enough to star in his own spinoff series at AMC.) The Savior leader disfigured Dwight and stole his wife, coercing Sherry (Christine Evangelista) into his harem of wives until she escaped the Sanctuary — sending Dwight on a cross-country trek to find his “honey” over on spinoff Fear the Walking Dead. During a panel appearance at Fandemic Tour Atlanta over the weekend, here’s what the actor said when a fan asked Amelio to reveal Dwight’s biggest regret:

“[Dwight’s biggest regret is] probably not just killing Negan, I think would probably be it,” Amelio said. “I would have liked to have probably get rid of him the night after he took my wife, and just murder him violently.”

That regret followed Dwight and Sherry to Fear, where the couple reunited only to re-split over their shared Negan PTSD. Dwight and Sherry have since re-reunited as the Dark Horses, likened to the Bonnie and Clyde of the walker apocalypse on Season 7 of Fear.

On Morgan, his co-star for Seasons 7 and 8 of The Walking Dead, “I miss him,” Amelio said. “I miss him. I love Jeffrey Dean, man, as a person. [But Negan], I’d try and cut his nuts off.”

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Sherry was still gunning for Negan to settle old scores in Season 6, but after reconciling with Dwight, “Honey” and “D” decided to ride off and see that the bad guys don’t win.

“It was just so frustrating for her to be her own worst enemy and having so much of this displaced anger and resentment and anxiety cloud her vision, and pull her away from this goodness in her life that she knows, deep down, she really wants but doesn’t feel like she deserves,” Evangelista said. “It was hard for me to watch her make that choice throughout the season and a half, but understanding, objectively, that she’s on her own journey and dealing with pain in her own way. But you sort of want to push her along and be like, ‘You got this, girl. You can have it, you don’t have to constantly be punishing yourself or needing to seek revenge.'”

“So it was hard for me to see her make those choices, but she’s on her own journey, and ultimately it led her to a place of forgiveness for herself and for Negan and anybody else in the universe,” Evangelista added. “I think that’s a really powerful thing to have for ourselves.”

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