Avatar 2 Trailer Reportedly Airing Before Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

The sequel to 2009’s Avatar is slated to finally arrive in theaters at the end of the year, but a new report claims the first trailer for Avatar 2 will come when audiences gather to watch Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The Benedict Cumberbatch-starring movie is only two months away and teases the appearances of many surprising characters, such as Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier. If this new report ends up being true, then another surprise will come as fans get their first look at the blockbuster and record-setting sequel from director James Cameron.

According to The Transom, some form of a teaser for Avatar 2 will debut ahead of Doctor Strange 2 on May 6th. Disney didn’t comment on the Avatar 2 teaser release date, but reportedly the company’s thinking is to replicate Sony Pictures’ success with Spider-Man: No Way Home, which also starred Cumberbatch and helps to set up the events in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. There is also a belief the teaser could be released with July’s Thor: Love and Thunder, but The Transom is of the belief 20th Century Studios wants to reassure fans that Avatar 2 is still coming out at the end of the year.

20th Century Studios President Steve Asbell spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about juggling the company’s transition under Disney and navigating feature films with streaming and television deals. The topic of conversation soon turned to Avatar 2’s 2022 release, with Asbell quickly responding that the movie will make its way to theaters later this year.

With no hesitation, Asbell replied, “Yes. It will,” when asked about Avatar 2‘s release. He then added, “For real. It’s going to blow people away. You’re not ready for what Jim is doing.”

Asbell was then asked about how 20th Century Studio plans to market the movie since it will have been over 10 years since the first Avatar was released. “I can tell you that there is no better marketing apparatus in the business than the one at Disney,” he said. “They will do an incredible job reigniting that passion for the original film. This is not just a sequel, it’s a saga. And it’s a family saga. It will be compelling on its own, but it will also be extremely compelling to return to those characters and to see how they’ve evolved. It’s less about Avatar being a really big movie and more about how Avatar was a really important cultural moment for audiences. I don’t think it will be hard to convince people to come back.”

Would a teaser for Avatar 2 get you in the theater to see Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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