Batwoman Season 4 Might Be in Jeopardy on The CW

The CW surprised fans late last month when the network announced a handful of early series renewals for the upcoming 2022-2023 television season. But while there were some fan-favorite series like The Flash and Superman & Lois on the list of series given the go-ahead for new seasons, there were some notable absences as well, including Batwoman. The Arrowverse series, which just completed its third season on March 2nd, didn’t get a Season 4 renewal — at least not yet. Now, some are wondering if Season 4 of the series could be in doubt at the network.

On Saturday, fans took to social medial in a concentrated effort to get get Batwoman trending on Twitter as fans binged Season 3 when it arrived on HBO Max. While fan binge watch efforts aren’t terribly unusual, nor are efforts to get certain key words or tags trending, what’s notable is that the Twitter account for Batwoman‘s official writers room got involved. On Saturday, the account posted “Woke up to an amazing trend being started by our #Batwoman fans. I’ll get it going at 12 pm PST if anyone wants to focus #RenewBatwoman trend for that time!” That post was followed up with a graphic inviting fans to join in to “Celebrate the arrival of Batwoman‘s 3rd season on HBO Max! Stream season 3 and share your appreciation, favorite scenes, memories, and why Batwoman should be renewed. Include RENEW BATWOMAN in your posts.”

Batwoman isn’t the only series whose fate seems to be up in the air when it comes to renewal. Last week, the writers room for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow also took to social media to encourage fans to stream the series on Netflix, writing “We’re all plotting ways to make sure we get renewed for season 8, but in the meantime, may we suggest binging/re-watcing/background streaming our show on Netflix?”

Hopefully, fans — as well as cast, crew, and writers — of Batwoman and the other shows not yet renewed by The CW won’t have too much longer to wait when it comes to learning their fate. The network’s Upfronts presentation is schedule for May 19th and plans for Batwoman, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and other shows could be revealed at that time. And if Batwoman does get a fourth season, showrunner Caroline Dries has already hinted where things will go.

“I think it’s her relationship with the city of Gotham at this point,” Dries explained. “The end of season 2, it seemed like Ryan had everything she wanted, and that’s why it was so great I think for her to then be rushed with this idea of, well, there is this other family, if you want it, and her realizing, “I want both,” and it being really hard. Yeah, and now [it’s about], how does her family of Gotham City see her and view her opening up her world a little bit to the city that she represents and is supposed to save every day?”

“Once she has all of those things, it’s sort of like the challenge now for the writing staff and for me is, how do we pull the rug out from underneath all of that without destroying everything that everyone’s excited about? Meaning, what the fans are excited about,” Dries added. “And that’s a huge challenge. It almost, in a way, feels like starting over. But what it really means for us is, I think, dropping a gigantic external conflict bomb onto season 4 to shake it up.”

Are you hoping that Batwoman is renewed for Season 4? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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