Big Babes Behind Bars: Above the Law

Everybody loves a good women-in-prison story, from the character-centered drama of something like Orange is the New Black to something less cerebral like Caged Heat. It’s no surprise, therefore, that writer Bob Saget, artist Peter Logan and colorist/letterer Chris Flash have tackled this theme in Above the Law, a hyper-violent, hyper-sexual look at what happens when the passions and furies of women behind bars grow to superhuman size.

Ironically-named convict Megan Small is just trying to survive behind bars, but when she’s accidentally exposed to an experimental military gas she starts to grow, becoming not only hugely powerful but sexually insatiable. But although Megan’s rampage is cathartic, she soon learns that the authorities are not unprepared for a giantess on the loose. After a dramatic battle, the situation is resolved — or is it?

It turns out that once the power of giantesses is released, there’s no holding it back. More inmates begin to grow, and since the growth is spread through contact with bodily fluids, it spreads rapidly. There’s a lot of contact with bodily fluids, as you might imagine when horny giantesses are using anyone they can grab as an improvised living dildo. The passions and jealousies of the prisoners erupt in bra-splitting, uniform-rending, building-destroying battle.

The action climaxes (sorry) with a titanic battle between a furious Megan and the military; it’s one of the most visually inventive fight scenes I’ve read recently, and equally visually inventive when it comes to the sex. Read through to the end and you’ll see what I mean. Logan’s art vividly conveys the gigantic scale of the conflict with a mix of thrilling action, hearty eroticism and even over-the-top humor.

Above the Law is a lot like the women-in-prison exploitation films it takes its inspiration from: raunchy, violent and packed to bursting with passionate, cruel women. If you like your giantess stories on the edgy, violent side you’ll definitely enjoy this uninhibited tale.

Fans of Above the Law will be pleased to learn that has a new story in the same vein coming out soon. Beyond the Law is a “spiritual sequel” to Above the Law, not following the adventures of the characters from Above (at least not yet) but similarly dealing with experiments on female prisoners. Unethical scientists think they can experiment on women behind bars because the inmates have no rights — but they forget that they also have nothing to lose. Like AboveBeyond is packed with

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