Black Clover Breaks Down How Asta Feels as Yuno's Rival

Black Clover has reached the first massive battle of the final arc of the series overall, and the newest chapter of the series is diving into how Asta feels about his rival Yuno after the events of the Spade Kingdom Raid fights! The final arc of Yuki Tabata‘s original manga series kicked off with a timeskip that saw the Clover Kingdom recovering from all the fights against the devils they had barely survived through before. As a result of playing crucial roles in the victory, both Yuno and Asta had received some big promotions. But Yuno, much like before, ended up getting the better promotion and rank of the two rivals.

While Black Clover has shown fans plenty of examples of the ways that Yuno often feels like he doesn’t compare to Asta, it’s unbeknownst to Asta himself as he continues to feel as inadequate in comparison to his rival much like he always has. This continues to dig under his skin even as he trains to master a new kind of ability as he doubts whether or not Yuno would have lost to Lucius Zogratis and failed to save Sister Lily much like he did when the final saga began.

Chapter 345 of Black Clover sees Asta continuing to train with two of the stronger members of the Land of the Sun’s Ryuzen Seven group. His new trainer, Yosuga, points out that Asta is hesitating in the way he fights as his loss has shaken him with doubt. It’s here that Asta reflects on the fact that he has indeed been doubting himself, and was shaken up by the loss to Lucius. It’s even gone as far as having him think that he might not be Wizard King material after all.

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It’s revealed that Asta even believes that if Yuno had been the one to fight Lucius, Yuno could have protected and saved Sister Lily from her current fate. Noting that Yuno got to the Grand Magic Knight promotion first, and continues to get stronger, Asta’s starting to question his place as a rival and the current strength of his convictions overall. But as the Land of the Sun is currently under attack, Asta really doesn’t have much time to dwell on this much longer.

How do you feel about the way Asta’s fighting against his self-doubt so far? Do you think he’ll be able to break through and master the Zetten ability? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!


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