Blue Beetle Star Bruna Marquezine Shares Reaction Video to Getting DC Role

Details are gradually coming together around DC’s Blue Beetle movie, which was originally lined up for HBO Max before being confirmed for a theatrical release in the summer of 2023. With Xolo Maridue?a cast in the titular role of Jaime Reyes / Blue Beetle since last summer, we’re starting to get a bit more insight into his ensemble cast. This includes Bruna Marquezine, who is expected to play Jaime’s love interest, Penny. Marquezine, an actress and model best known for her roles on Brazilian programs such as Deus Salve o Rei and Em Familia, took to social media to break her silence on being cast in the role, and shared a series of videos of when Angel Manuel Soto revealed that she had gotten the part.

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The Blue Beetle film will follow Jaime, who in the comics is the third character to take on the role of Blue Beetle following the death of Ted Kord. The cast will also include Belissa Escobedo as Jaime’s younger sister, Milagros Reyes, and Harvey Guillen in a currently-unknown role.

Created by Keith Giffen, John Rogers, and Cully Hammer, Jaime’s tenure significantly changed the Blue Beetle lore, revealing that the Egyptian scarab that gives the hero powers is actually alien in origin, and provided a sort of extraterrestrial suit of armor. Eventually, Jaime would go on to serve as a member of the Justice League, Justice League International, Teen Titans, Young Justice, and Secret Six. This will be the second time that the character appeared in live-action, as he previously was portrayed by Jaren Brandt Bartlett on Smallville. The character has appeared multiple times across animation, including Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Young Justice: Invasion, DC Super Hero Girls, and Justice League Action.

“This is really gonna be a stepping stone in my life,” Maridue?a shared in an interview earlier this year. “I’ve gotten the chance to build chemistry with these people over the years on Cobra Kai. To try to recreate that chemistry in a much shorter amount of time is gonna be difficult, but all of these guys are professionals. I know that I’m in the hands of people who are the best at what they do. The opportunity at Cobra Kai has really blessed me; I can do stunts, we can do crazy stuff. Adding this new level of green screen and suits and CGI and all of this will add a whole new crazy level to it that I’m so excited for.”

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