Borderlands 3 Is Now Available for Free

Borderlands 3, the most recent game in the core Borderlands franchise from Gearbox, is currently free to download, but only for a limited time. Epic Games revealed this week that Borderlands 3 would be its latest of many free games routinely offered through the PC platform. It’s available for free from now until May 26th at 8 a.m. PT at which point it’ll be replaced with whatever game is to be free next.

Gearbox’s newest Borderlands game was released late in 2019, so there’s a good chance you’ll already have played it if you’re fond of the Borderlands series. If you skipped over it for whatever reason or if you simply want to play it on a different platform, however, now’s the time to grab it before the free period expires. It still goes for $59.99 on the Epic Games Store, so even if there’s a chance you’ll ever play it in the future, you’ll save the cost of a full game by claiming it now.


Let’s kick the Epic MEGA Sale off with some mayhem! @Borderlands 3 is free (yes, FREE, $0) this week on the Epic Games Store. Grab it from the Vault now and become the Vault Hunter of your dreams.

Like other Borderlands games, this one features tons of crass, boisterous banter and more guns than you’ll ever be able to collect in any number of playthroughs. Our review of the game called it a “stellar chapter” in the Borderlands series and praised its consistency from the original Borderlands to the most recent one.

“If you liked Borderlands and Borderlands 2, you’re going to absolutely adore Borderlands 3,” an excerpt of our review said. “Its shortcomings do little to diminish what it has to offer, and I’ll reload the game over and over and sit through a million Claptrap jokes if it means I get to keep looting.”

Though this is technically the most recent mainline Borderlands game, it’s not the most recent Borderlands-y game, so if you want to play something more recent, you certainly have options. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands just recently released in March, and while it offers an experience more skewed towards tabletop setups fused with the Borderlands formula, it still should feel quite familiar to those fond of the series. It’s getting more DLC, too, and while the first post-content release wasn’t regarded as the best, there’s more to come to perhaps redeem the first DLC.


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