Boruto Reveals Which of its Karma Users is Strongest

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has revealed which of its three Karma users is currently the strongest with its use in the newest chapter of the series! The manga has finally reached the end of the tense standoff with Code in the newest chapter of the manga, but things took a wilder turn than expected as Boruto Uzumaki‘s body was taken over by Momoshiki Otsutsuki once more. As Kawaki demonstrated the changes to his new kind of Karma, and Boruto’s Karma changed through that takeover, the newest chapter of the series also gave an update to Code’s use of that power as well.

With all of the changes in Boruto, Kawaki, and even Code’s Karma explained in the newest chapter of the series, the manga has also revealed which one of them is currently the strongest out of the three. Their various marks are in different stages of development thanks to the climactic finale seen in the newest chapter, and thus there’s a good chance that each of their strengths could measure out in a different way in future chapters. But as of right now, it seems that Kawaki’s is the strongest in pure strength while Boruto’s the furthest along in development.

Chapter 67 continues showcasing the new abilities that Kawaki now has at his disposal with his new Karma, and he outclasses Code in terms of sheer power. Code then reveals that he has a series of limiters on his own mark and therefore can’t fight at the height of his strength. This means in terms of a power contest, Kawaki is outright stronger at the moment. But the comparison with Boruto is a bit more complicated as we have yet to see what Boruto can do with his new kind of Karma.

There’s a sense that he’s been weakened as Momoshiki was forced to activate it to save Boruto’s life. He can no longer revive in Boruto’s body, but Boruto has become a completely Otsutsuki as a result. He’s the furthest to his point out of all three, and could end up being the strongest out of all of them. But assuming that it’s been weakened after being forcibly activating like this (and blending his body into it) has made it a weaker version that before.

But that all remains to be seen! As of right now, Kawaki’s the strongest Karma user. But what do you think? Who do you think is the strongest Karma user? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!


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