Brock Lesnar Throws the WWE Title and Chases Paul Heyman in Chaotic Start to SmackDown

Tonight’s WWE SmackDown started off by showing the footage of Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns’ battle at Madison Square Garden, which resulted in Lesnar taking a beating and bleeding quite a bit after Reigns beat him with a chair and slammed him on the steel steps. Lesnar then came out to the ring to kick off SmackDown looking rather pissed about the whole ordeal, and once he got down to the ring he said “Roman Reigns! You done changed the rules boy. Roman, you done changed the game. You see, for the last six days, I drug my ass out of bed and looked in the mirror…get a good look at that Roman. You’ve done changed the rules roman. You don’t draw blood from Brock Lesnar and live to tell about it.”

Lesnar continued, saying “You see Roman, I’m here for blood tonight. I don’t care about WrestleMania contracts, I don’t care about WWE titles. Roman! Get your ass out here!” During this part, he also threw the WWE Championship title into the crowd.

“You done screwed up Roman,” Lesnar said. “I want your blood Roman. Roman! Blood for blood. That’s what I want! Roman Reigns, get your ass out here!”

Then Paul Heyman came out and told SmackDown to go to commercial and tried to bring the temperature down. Then he said that Lesnar got smashed by the Tribal Chief. “You want the Universal Champion…Roman Reigns…is not here this evening,” Heyman said.

Heyman started talking and Lesnar cut him off. “If what is coming out of your fat jawls is true…if Roman’s not here, who is going to protect you Paul?”

Heyman’s expression changed and he started booking it backstage and Lesnar sprinted after him. Lesnar came crashing through and security and knocking over everything he encountered, but the security gave Heyman just enough time to get in a car and leave.

What did you think of the opening promo from Lesnar and the chase after Heyman? Let us know in the comments or as always you can talk all things wrestling with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!


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