Call of Duty Leaker Claims First Look at COD 2022 Trailer Has Been Revealed

According to a prominent Call of Duty leaker, our first look at the reveal trailer of Call of Duty 2022 — a Modern Warfare 2 reboot and follow up to 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare — has actually already been revealed. Yesterday, Infinity Ward began to tease this year’s new COD game by changing its profile picture and banner image on Twitter to very dark images that when brightened, feature Ghost, a prominent character in the Modern Warfare sub-series. The meaning of this tease, nobody knows, but according to the aforementioned leaker, it’s actually a still image from the trailer.

Taking to Twitter, Call of Duty insider Ralph teased that “the still image you’re seeing is actually from the reveal trailer” of the game. Adding to this, the leaker claims “it’s from a raid mission, involving Task Force 141,” which implies the image is from the actual game as well. If this is the case, it would technically be the first screenshot of the game. Typically, reveal trailers, especially for COD, are light on actual game footage, but the second part of Ralph’s tease suggests it’s from the actual game. Whatever the case, it’s more than just a random image if Ralph is to be believed.

As for the importance of the image, there doesn’t seem to be any, or, at least, if there is any importance, it’s not currently discernible what it is. All that it confirms is that Ghost is back, which was expected.

Infinity Ward Twitter Banner @InfinityWard has been updated.
After adding some brightness we can see Ghost.

It’s starting ? #ModernWarfareII

As for the validity of the source making this claim, Ralph is one of the most prominent and reliable Call of Duty leakers, and previously teased that Call of Duty fans would see something at the end of April while everyone else was saying they’d have to wait until May. That said, while Ralph is reliable, and while it would make sense for the image in question to be from the trailer, this should still be taken with a grain of salt.

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