Chivalry 2's "Biggest Update Yet" Now Releasing Sooner Than Expected

Chivalry 2’s roadmap for the year has been updated with one notable change announced: The “Biggest Update Yet” is now going to release sooner than expected. It’ll be out in Q2 2022 which will see it out at some point before July, but it doesn’t yet have an exact release date. The tradeoff with this announcement, however, is that it’s swapped spots with the Reinforced Update which will instead be releasing in Summer 2022 now.

Torn Banner Studios revealed the updated roadmap this week along with an explanation as to why the two updates had been swapped. While the Biggest Update Yet does not yet have an official name, that project name alone leaves much to look forward to. The updated roadmap below currently sees that release coming with a console server browser feature and “Much, much more,” but it’s without specifics on what, exactly, will be in that sizable update.

The developer also said that there’s “no significant delay” in regards to when the next two big updates will release. The total sum of features included in both of them remains the same, too.

Important roadmap update, as we push ahead on the biggest update to ever come to #Chivalry2:
The Reinforced Update (previously listed the next update) has been swapped to arrive after the Biggest Update Yet.
Read more on what this means for these updates:

“The Reinforced Update, which was previously listed on the roadmap as our next update, will now be arriving after the Biggest Update Yet (proper name to be revealed) due to the overall progress of our team’s efforts,” Torn Banner said. “Work on these two updates has been simultaneous across our team for months. The order of the two updates has therefore been swapped, but the content and features coming to players remains the same. There is no significant delay, calendar wise, in the arrival of when you can expect the 2.5 (Q2 2022) and 2.6 (Summer 2022) updates.”

The previous version of the roadmap revealed on December 13th is still currently up on the game’s Trello board, so it looks like that hasn’t been updated there just yet. It shows that the Reinforced Update will come with crossplay parties, a console server browser, a new weapon, and “Major QoL Improvements.” The console server browser, however, will now be included in the Biggest Update Yet.

“Crossplay Parties will still be coming in the Reinforced Update (which is a quality-of-life focused update), however we will be accelerating the timeline on the Console Server Browser in order to bring that feature ahead of time to the Biggest Update Yet,” Torn Banner said.

The Biggest Update Yet does not yet have a set release date, but expect that to be revealed soon enough now that the roadmap has been updated.


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