Cody Rhodes on Sami Zayn Possibly Getting Added to the WrestleMania 39 Main Event

Cody Rhodes appeared on Monday’s edition of Ariel Helwani’s The MMA Hour and was asked about the elephant in the room heading into WrestleMania 39. Rhodes has already earned his spot in the main event after winning this year’s Royal Rumble, but fans continue to rally around Sami Zayn after his storyline with The Bloodline took a massive turn in the closing minutes of the Rumble pay-per-view. Zayn will face Reigns this weekend at Elimination Chamber, but there’s growing concern that fans might reject WWE’s booking if Zayn winds up away from the world championship picture by the time WrestleMania rolls around.

Some have even pitched the idea of Zayn being added to the WrestleMania main event to make it a triple threat similar to Daniel Bryan at both WrestleMania XXX and 37. Rhodes didn’t object to the idea.

“I don’t really have a preference, solely because I want to wrestle the best. People wanted a contender forever. If two show up, don’t be mad. Don’t make it “A or B” or “one or two,” enjoy it all. That’s kind of been the challenge. I can’t begrudge somebody for getting hot,” Rhodes said.

Rhodes then mentions how some fans, including Helwani, were fiercely behind Drew McIntyre to win back the WWE Championship not that long ago at Clash at the Castle.

“I really look forward to the moments in there if they happen with Sami, whether that’s just on the Road to WrestleMania. Because I think it’s different than people think,” Rhodes said. “He’s doing amazing, I think I’ve been doing some really great stuff too. So bring it all together. Who knows what happens at Montreal? Who knows what happens at WrestleMania?”


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