ComicBook Nation: Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Review, Andor Finale, and WWE War Games Preview

The ComicBook Nation team reviews Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special and talks to DC’s Titans‘ Jinx actress Lisa Ambalavanar! We also react to Andor’s thrilling finale and Wednesday’s Netflix debut, and then give a full preview of this Saturday’s WWE Survivor Series War Games and discuss this week’s biggest comics!

In his review of Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, critic Nathaniel Brail says the following:

If you’ve been waiting for quite some time to see a solo Guardians of the Galaxy project, then I can safely say that this will hold you over until we get Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special gives Marvel Studios a Christmas hit and fans should be very excited for it to hit Disney+ later this week. With some very good performances from Klementieff, Bautista, and Bacon, this is sure to be a gift you want under your tree. If you were looking for something new to add to your Christmas movie lineup, then this is the project to add. The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is a good watch for the holidays.

In her dicussion of just how monumentous Andor was for the Star Wars franchise, Phase Zero’s Jamie Jirak said this:

The show in no way diminishes the original trilogy but recontextualizes it in a powerful way that will change how we watch those movies forever. A hat tip to Tony Gilroy for creating a series that feels like a sincere and worthy Star Wars entry while also capturing a deeper essence that is unlike anything that’s come before.

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