Comixology Addresses App Changes After Fan, Comic Creator Backlash

Last week brought huge changes to the Comixology app and storefront as the Amazon owned company began to merge it all with their own website, converting everything that was previously under the Comxiology banner into “Kindle Comics.” The changes, and inaccessibility created by the move, was immediately blasted by comic book readers and creates almost instantly. Fan-favorite Batgirl writer Gail Simon called the changes “really poorly considered at best” while Patton Oswalt said it was “beyond user-hostile.” Comixology has released a series of tweets updating the situation, noting that they continue to listen to their users and that changes are rolling out already.

“We want to take a moment to address the transition to our new app & comics webstore experience,” the thread begins. “We know this process has been far from seamless and we’ve heard your feedback. We understand how important improving the web reader experience is and are working as fast as possible to implement those improvements. This is our top priority right now…Soon we’ll be rolling out updates to our New Releases filter on the New Releases page across web & app so that the filters work correctly. In the meantime, we’ll keep the ‘More New Releases’ category up to date with all new releases for the week.”

7/ Guided View is still available in the app reading experiences. Just double-tap a panel to enter or exit Guided View.

The Comixology team further notes that an update to the Fire OS app has been released and that updates for books that aren’t loading in HD is also being worked on.

They continue, “While we work on these and other refinements, we wanted to highlight some things that we’ve heard customers couldn’t find but which are still available in the new Comixology experience…All your purchases are available via the account page on the web, along with DRM-free downloads for books purchased prior to the 4.0 update. We’ll be adding navigation to your account from the main store page soon.”

The conclusion of the thread called the change in their “codebase” on the service as being a “tough call, but… an important step towards our long-term goals.” They wrap it up with: “We hear your feedback and we recognize that there’s a lot to be done. We appreciate your patience and support while we do everything we can to bring you the experience we envision. More to come. “

Some fans were satisfied with this thread from the digital store but others less so due to the lack of functionality that it has for users that read their digital comics on the website. Check back here for more updates on the matter as we learn them.


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