ComiXology Submit, a disappointing experience


About a year ago, we decided to start publishing our comics into other comic networks like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ComiXology and other ebook stores.

ComiXology Submit just arrived so, after the frustrating experiences with Amazon an others, we decided to try.

We published a 130 pages comic normally offered on 10 pages chapters on one of our websites on an special 4 part edition of about 30 to 40 pages each. We completed each field meticulously on August 1st of 2013 and we waited and waited, and waited again!

Today, after a year and twenty days we decided to delete all the submissions and start all over again to see if we have any luck now. Maybe the service wasn’t mature since it just launched or maybe our submission was “lost in the cloud” so we are now giving them a chance again.

Which was your experience?

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