Critical Role Announces New Exandria Unlimited Two-Part Adventure

By Christian Hoffer
Critical Role has confirmed the return of its Exandria Unlimited series, with a two-part adventure coming soon. The hit web series announced the new episodes at the end of last week’s episode, with Robbie Daymond confirmed to be returning to the show as Dorian Storm. No other details were provided about the next installments of Exandria Unlimited outside of Daymond’s involvement and that the episodes were coming “soon.” 
Launched in late 2021, Exandria Unlimited is an in-canon expansion of the Critical Role universe. The cast included several members of Critical Role’s core series along with new cast members like Daymond and Aimee Carerro. Notably, Matt Mercer (who serves as the Dungeon Master of Critical Role’s core series) was a player in Exandria Unlimited, while Aabria Iyengar served as the DM for the cast. The show notably took place in Tal’Dorei several decades after the first campaign and featured multiple references and ties to past Critical Role storylines, while also forging a brand new story. When announced, Critical Role teased that Exandria Unlimited could have multiple DMs or campaigns, but that the series would exist “in-canon” with other Critical Role stories. 
The first run of Exandria Unlimited helped to bridge the gap between Critical Role Campaign 2 & 3 and also served to introduce several characters that would appear in Critical Role‘s current campaign. Both Liam O’Brien and Ashley Johnson introduced their current characters Orym and Fearne in Exandria Unlimited. The duo appeared in Campaign 3 together with Daymond’s character Dorian Storm in the first episode, following up on plot threads introduced in that series. 
Exandria Unlimited is just one of several expansions to the Critical Role universe in recent months. Dark Horse has published several canonical comic book series, including a Tales of Exandria series set after the events of Campaign 2. Penguin Random House also published a prequel book call Kith & Kin that explained Vax’s past with the Clasp (and further delved into the relationship between Vex and Vax). 
Expect to hear more information about Exandria Unlimited soon. 
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