Crunchyroll to No Longer Offer Free Ad-Supported Streaming for New Releases

Crunchyroll will be making some major changes for its ad-supported free streaming options beginning with the Spring 2022 anime schedule! Fans have seen the popular streaming platform through a number of different changes since it first began, but some of the biggest came with Funimation’s recent acquisition of the service. It was then announced that the two services would be merging under Crunchyroll, and over the last few weeks there have been a lot of changes in the viewing library available as Crunchyroll begins to settle down amidst all of its big moves. Some changes that fans of the service might not entirely enjoy.

As new shows begin to move over and a whole new wave of anime premieres are now slated to begin with the Spring 2022 anime schedule, Crunchyroll has shared an update with its users that revealed changes to the ad-supported free streaming option for the coming releases. The service confirmed that they will “no longer be offering simulcast episodes one week after release as an ad-supported, free viewing option.” Previously published episodes will still be available, but any new or continuing offerings will require a premium monthly or annual subscription.

Crunchyroll explains that there will still be an option to view its over 1,000 hours of previously available content to watch for free with ads, but this update means that fans will no longer be able to check out the newer seasonal releases alongside their debut without the paid subscription. Previously fans were able to check out these new shows as long as they were willing to wait a week following their initial premiere, but that’s not going to be an available choice anymore. There will be a special sample selection of new shows from the Spring 2022 anime schedule available for a limited time for free, however.

Crunchyroll will be offering a select few Spring 2022 anime series with ad-free streaming until May 31. These select shows will have the first three episodes available to watch for free with ads (one week after their initial premiere, like before), but after the end date fans will need a subscription to check them out. The sample of shows for the Spring is as follows:

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