Dead by Daylight Poll Lets Community Create Its Own Event

Dead by Daylight players just recently witnessed an event talking about all the celebrations planned for the game as well as future content releases like a new Resident Evil Chapter, but sooner than that, the community has a unique opportunity to create its own event. It’s the first time that this sort of thing has happened in Dead by Daylight with developer Behaviour Interactive opening now the survey players can fill out to voice their opinions and shape the outcome of this next event.

You can check out that survey here courtesy of the tweet from the Dead by Daylight account below which first advertised this opportunity. If you’ve taken Dead by Daylight surveys in the past, this one should look familiar to you. Simply answer a couple of questions about what you’d like to see in the next event and that’s all that’ll be asked of you.

The first ever Community Choice event starts next week.

What does it entail? You decide.
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The first question asks what kinds of double rewards players would like be those XP, Rift Fragments from XP, or double the rewards from Daily Rituals. The next question asks about daily login rewards consisting of Bloodpoints, Rift Fragments, and Auric Cells to determine what kind of a distribution between those three resources players would like to see. Asking for the more Auric Cells than the other two currencies is not an option, however, so don’t get your hopes up there.

After talking about those rewards, you’ll choose which set of perks you’d like to see show up in the Shrine of Secrets followed by three instances of a question asking which map you prefer from the given options to determine which maps will show up most frequently. The final question offers a couple of different batches of outfits and asks which of the groupings you’d like to see discounted.

Once you’ve done all that, you can wait until May 31st to see what the results amount to in the event that’ll run from then until June 7th. Answering each question will show you what the current frontrunner is among the options, so you’ll have an idea of what things might look like by filling out the survey yourself, but things could very well change before the actual event gets underway.


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