Demon Slayer Reveals Gyutaro's Instant Feud With Tengen

By Evan Valentine
Demon Slayer spent the beginning of its second season retelling the story of the Mugen Train, the storyline of the Shonen’s first film which rose to become the biggest anime movie of all time. With the Entertainment District Arc having begun, so to have new demons hit the scene, with the terrifying looking Gyutaro making his debut, thanks to his sister Daki, in the latest installment, and holding a serious grudge against the Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui
The major villain of the past few episodes has been Daki, a top-tier demon that has been devouring innocents in the Entertainment District while also capturing victims in the folds of her belt, but when she met Tengen Uzui, she definitely met her match. The Sound Hashira was able to cut her head from her shoulders, but to his surprise, Daki did not die like the demons before her, revealing that she was sharing one body with her brother Gyutaro, who appears to be far stronger than his sibling. Wielding grotesque weaponry that is born from his own body, the brother of Daki reveals that he holds quite a grudge against Tengen.
If you haven’t seen Gyutaro in action, the top-tier demon isn’t quite easy on the eyes, looking anemic as he swings his scythes through the air. As Gyutaro realizes that Tengen has three wives, as well as some startling good lucks, he begins horrifically scratching at himself, being reminded of that which he doesn’t have. With no love lost between these two, the battle between the slayer and the demon has begun that is sure to shake the foundation of the Entertainment District to its core.
Tanjiro and Nezuko had quite the difficult time in their battle against Daki, but nearly defeated the demon who presented herself as top-tier, though her brother seems to be in a different weight class altogether. With the Sound Hashira theorizing that the only way to defeat the two siblings is to decapitate them at the same time, this task is easier said than done considering the power that Gyutaro is currently wielding.
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