Demon Slayer Reveals the Human Forms of Gyutaro and Daki

By Evan Valentine
The second season of Demon Slayer examined the fallout from the battles between the Demon Slayer Corps and the two powerful demon siblings known as Gyutaro and Daki. With the brother and sister pair sharing one body, and making themselves ridiculously difficult to defeat as a result, Tanjiro and friends were able to deliver the finishing blows while also giving us an inside look into the lives of the two upper-tier demons before they joined the ranks of the servants of Muzan. 
Gyutaro and Daki were a brother and sister pairing that shared the same body, meaning that in order to defeat them, Tanjiro and his friends would have to decapitate them both at the same time. As their heads were struck from their shoulders by Tanjiro, Inosuke, Zenitsu, and Tengen Uzui the Sound Hashira, Gyutaro and Daki were able to have a final conversation as their bodies began to turn into ash. Like so many other demons that we’ve experienced throughout the series created by Koyoharu Gotouge, Daki and her poison-fueled brother had a terrible time in the Entertainment District.
When Gyutaro was born, the villagers around him considered him to be one of the ugliest creatures they had ever seen, going so far as to throw rocks at him whenever he was wandering through the streets. With his abusive mother routinely beating him, Gyutaro was forced to eat rats and bugs in order to survive, with his only “toy” being a scythe that he was able to find in a lost and found capacity. Things changed for Gyutaro when his sister was born, with Daki being far easier on the eyes than her dirt-covered brother.
Unfortunately for Daki, her profession as a worker within a brothel in the Entertainment District had her on the receiving end of a samurai’s wrath, being burned alive following Daki attacking her client at the time. Though Daki was alive, she barely clung to life, as Gyutaro was cut down by the same samurai but was able to deliver a fatal blow to his attacker before his final breath. With the siblings “saved” by the top-tier demon known as Douma, Gyutaro and Daki continued to strike from the shadows within the Entertainment District, seeking revenge against humanity.
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