Demon Slayer Season 2 Debuts Tanjiro's New Kind of Hinokami Kagura

By Nick Valdez
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba took Tanjiro Kamado‘s Hinokami Kagura mastery to the next level with a surprising new breathing fusion debuted in the newest episode of the series! The second season of the anime has reached its final moments as Tanjiro and the others are struggling to deal any kind of real damage to the Upper Six demonic siblings, Daki and Gyutaro. It has been an especially tough road for Tanjiro as while he had managed to find a quick shortcut to be able to use the Hinokami Kagura in battle, it left him much worse for wear at the cost of the short bursts of power.
Tanjiro’s use of the Hinokami Kagura had improved slightly thanks to his training before the new arc, but unfortunately it was soon made clear that this would not be enough against truly powerful threats. Tanjiro had been damaged to a critical new state thanks to how much he’s pushed himself, but thanks to his new understanding of the Water Breathing style Tanjiro was able to fine tune it into a wholly new technique that fuses Water Breathing with the Hinokami Kagura into a special new ability. 
Tanjiro combines both breathing styles🥶
Episode 9 of Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc picks up after that intense danger only to put Hinatsuru in direct danger when Gyutaro catches up to her and is close to killing her. With Tengen occupied, Tanjiro was the only one who could save her in time and was struggling to move his body fast enough to do so. But as he thinks about what he can do to use the Hinokami Kagura, he has a breakthrough in that allows him to use Water Breathing with a dash of the fiery technique to perform a powerful new kind of attack. 
It gives him more fire power than with just Water Breathing, and doesn’t damage him as much with just the Hinokami Kagura’s use alone. As he thinks about the swordsmen of the past and the Breathing Styles themselves, he realizes that this is how all of the offshoots of techniques had developed as well as those fighters were flexible enough to take the prior style they had learned and form it to make it a much better use for the individual. For Tanjiro’s case it’s already an immediate help as it makes him much faster and stronger as a result
What do you think? Are you curious to see how much more Tanjiro can develop this new kind of Hinokami Kagura? Is this going to be the key to mastering the Sun Breathing techniques in their entirety? What do you think it means for the rest of the arc as a whole? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!
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