Demon Slayer Shares New Update on Tanjiro's Biggest Mission

By Nick Valdez
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba shared a crucial update on Tanjiro Kamado’s very important mission with the final episode of the second season! The Entertainment District arc came to an end and revealed how Tanjiro and the others were left in the wake of the massive string of fights against the demonic Upper Six siblings. The final episode was spent in the midst of this immediate fallout as each of the characters were finally allowed to breathe for the first real time in several episodes. At the same time, it also made some very notable updates for the future of the series.
The reason he became a Demon Slayer in the first place was to not only protect himself and his sister from future threats, but once he found out that Tamayo could help him figure out how to not only heal Nezuko’s condition but somehow reverse it, he’s been on the very important mission of gathering blood from defeated demons for her research. With the final episode of the second season, Tanjiro manages to collect some very prime and rare Upper Rank demon blood for Tamayo. 
The Season 2 finale begins with Tanjiro waking up after the intense fight against Gyutaro and Daki came to an end. It was soon revealed that he and the others, while injured in some pretty terrible ways, were all alive and thus was able to investigate the ruins of the Yoshiwara District. Upon finding a pool of blood from the demon siblings, he’s able to collect in and notes how it’s the first Upper Rank demon’s blood that he was able to get for Tamayo, now it’s just a matter of seeing whether or not it was enough. 
Tanjiro’s journey to save Nezuko remains one of the reasons why fans continue to watch along with the series, and there are still many questions as to how her demonic body actually works. There’s still a wonder as to whether or not curing her is actually possible considering how much evolution she had gone through with just the second season of the series alone, but now Tanjiro is one important step closer to finding that out. 
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