Demon Slayer Stuns Fans With Some Deadly Hero Injuries

By Kofi Outlaw
Demon Slayer‘s latest anime episode has left fans feeling stunned, shocked, appalled, and all kinds of anxious following some deadly hero injuries. Demon Slayer’s Entertainment District Arc has reached its epic climax, as Tanjiro and his latest Hashira mentor, Lord Tengen Uzui, try to take out Upper Rank Six demon Gyutaro, and his sister Daki. However, Demon Slayer episode 42 pulled a major sick twist on fans, but having Tanjiro and his fellow Demon Slayers snatch brutal defeat out of the jaws of sweet victory. 
After Gyutaro turned the tables, the end of the episode left Demon Slayer fan-favorites Tengen and Inosuke both down with what look like fatal injuries – and fan cannot handle it! 
Nah what the fuck was that episode of Demon Slayer?! What happened to son Inosuke?! My mans Tengen?! Zenitsu?! What the fuck just happened?!
Demon Slayer fans are still just trying to process what their eyeballs saw in episode 42. We can’t wrap our heads around it, either. It was all good for a second there…
How im suppose to live laugh n love in these conditions. Inosuke got fucking stabbed?!? Tengen was deaad? Myyy yellow boi 😭😭😭😭😭😭 nah i can’t wait till next week #DemonSlayerSeason2
If Tengen and/or Inosuke fuckin die I’m suing the creator of Demon Slayer for emotional damage
The level of emotional damage this Demon Slayer anime is causing is too real.
Not Lord Tengen and Inosuke
This tragic moment from a real-life protest is now a powerful meme for Demon Slayer fans currently going through it.
It’s horrible, will Inosuke die? and Tengen in all this 😭🤯😭
The question that every single Demon Slayer anime fans is now asking.
The Darkest Hour of the whole arc….#DemonSlayer #DemonSlayerSeason2 #Tengen #Inosuke #Gyutaro #UpperMoonSix— Brandon Rafol (@BrandonRafol) January 30, 2022
Even the vaunted words “I read the manga” aren’t saving Demon Slayer fans from emotional onslaught, right now.
Zenitsu going in! Inosuke got stabbed in the back; Tanjiro can barley breath or move.Lord Tengen got poison running thru his veins;with his hand chopped off with two upper rank demons running around & y’all STILL wanna keep nezuko in box?!?!? LET HER OUT…AGAIN. #DemonSlayer
Demon Slayer needs its demonic Best Girl to clean up this current mess!
YOU CAN’T DO THIS AND THEN LEAVE ME LIKE THAT!!! Not Inosuke, not Tengen! #DemonSlayer
Sometimes, an anime cliffhanger ending is simply an act of cruelty. This is one of those times.
For real, going to be a long week until that Demon Slayer Season 2 finale episode drops. A long, anxious, shaky, stressed, sleepless week.
Demon Slayer is streaming new episodes on Funimation and Hulu.
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