Demon Slayer Unleashes Zenitsu's Biggest Declaration Yet

By Evan Valentine
Tanjiro and his friends are battling a brand new brother-sister demon team, Daki and Gyutaro, as a part of Demon Slayer’s second season as the war of the Entertainment District Arc marches on. While the latest storyline has been able to highlight both Tanjiro’s skills as well as the power of the Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui, the recent installment also takes the opportunity to show how the most scared member of the Demon Slayer Corps, Zenitsu, has progressed since he first appeared in season one and was terrified to face off with demons despite his electrical abilities.
Zenitsu is an interesting character in the Shonen series created by Koyoharu Gotouge, especially considering that he pals along with a swordsman wearing a boar head and a half-demon child spending most of her time in a box. While his cowardice has been a big part of his character from the jump, on top of his love of women, Zenitsu has grown considerably in the latest arc, seemingly managing to make demands of demons despite the fact that he was once so scared of them that he couldn’t move. While he is taking on the demon Daki completely asleep, which is how he’s able to access his full power, he’s showing some serious bravery in the Entertainment District Arc all the same. 
Twitter User Manjirology was able to capture some of the most intense moments of Zenitsu during the Entertainment District ARc so far, with him standing up to a top-tier demon while conscious and his zoned-out state demanding that Daki apologize for the torment she had caused the younger workers at the establishment Zenitsu found himself at undercover:
zenitsu’s character development is top tier
Though Zenitsu has mostly been facing off against Daki throughout this latest arc, the main threat has arrived in the form of Gyutaro, Daki’s brother who re-attached her decapitated head to her shoulders and stated that the two shared the same body. While Tengen is clearly one of the most powerful Demon Slayers in the world today, even the Sound Hashira will need some help on this one, with Tanjiro joining his side to battle Gyutaro while Zenitsu and Inosuke are currently tangling with Daki on the rooftops of the District. 
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