Disney Dreamlight Valley Reveals Helpful New Feature for Update 3

Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s highly-anticipated third update is set to release next week, and Gameloft has been slowly revealing more information on what fans can expect. Today, the developer revealed a change coming to Kristoff’s Stall, and it’s one that a lot of players already seem to be happy about! According to the game’s official Twitter account, Kristoff will start selling an unlimited amount of coal again following the update, which means players will be able to purchase as much as they want, without him running out. That should come in handy for those looking to cook a lot of dishes!

“It’s important to us that we strike a healthy balance between fulfilling and challenging,” the game’s official Twitter account reads. “While we want to ensure gathering rare materials isn’t made trivial, some conveniences are worth coming back to.”

Players have always been able to go around mining for coal when Kristoff ran out, but the change to the character’s Stall will make it much easier to come by. There’s an argument to be made about making things too easy for players, but given the role that cooking plays in the game, this change makes a lot of sense. Response to Gameloft’s Tweet has been overwhelmingly positive, so it seems that a lot of players are happy about this shift!

While fans are counting down the days until Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s February 16th update, Gameloft has already started to tease information for the update after that. Coming in April, Update 4 will feature Simba from The Lion King, as revealed in the game’s recent roadmap. During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct presentation, viewers got a sneak peak at the update, as well as the new realm being added. The teaser was pretty brief, but it should give Disney Dreamlight Valley fans an idea of just how much content is planned over the coming months!

Are you a fan of this change to Disney Dreamlight Valley? What do you think of the reveals for Update 3 so far? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter and on Hive at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!


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