Disney+ Reveals New Look at Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar GOATs

By Charlie Ridgely
While Marvel Studios might have stolen the show during the Super Bowl, thanks to new trailers for Moon Knight and Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, Disney had more to advertise than just its superhero fare. The company went in on pushing the Disney+ streaming service, which has been a massive success since its arrival in 2019. To show the power of the library available on the service, Disney+ centered an entire ad during the Super Bowl about how many of its titles are in the “Greatest of All Time” conversations.
The ad featured Awkwafina and a slew of actual goats, who were dressed up like different Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar characters. Following the airing of the ad on Sunday, Disney+ revealed a bunch of posters for the goats, naming the animals wearing the costumes and showing fans a closer look at their screen debuts.
There were six total posters revealed by Disney+, each with a goat from a different arm of the Disney company. The posters include President Loki, Stormtrooper, Woody, Free Solo, Marge Simpson, and Olaf. If you look closely throughout the ad, though, you can find a lot more.
You can take a look at the commercial and the posters below!
You’ve GOAT to see it to believe it. 👀🐐 #DisneyPlusGOATs pic.twitter.com/M5Z2EL9LtU
Meet a few members of the #DisneyPlusGOATs cast. 🐐 (1/6) pic.twitter.com/3TN91WmRNg
Meet a few members of the #DisneyPlusGOATs cast. 🐐 (2/6) pic.twitter.com/80xI9P02K6
Meet a few members of the #DisneyPlusGOATs cast. 🐐 (3/6) pic.twitter.com/0O7iw7LQ8X
Meet a few members of the #DisneyPlusGOATs cast. 🐐 (4/6) pic.twitter.com/ZhqXfIWtpV
Meet a few members of the #DisneyPlusGOATs cast. 🐐 (5/6) pic.twitter.com/rWwOFne10b
Meet a few members of the #DisneyPlusGOATs cast. 🐐 (6/6) pic.twitter.com/PTBmp0dfXl
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