Disney's Haunted Mansion to Get an Anime Re-Theme

Over the decades, Disney Parks has become one of the greatest companies to ever do theme parks. From France to China and beyond, plenty of countries have been able to experience the magic of Disney’s parks, and many of its rides have sparked franchises themselves. None has drummed up quite as much attention as The Haunted Mansion, so of course, all eyes are on the ride right now. After all, Disney has confirmed a new re-theme is coming for the ride, and it will debut next year for lucky Disneyland visitors.

The update comes straight from Tokyo Disneyland ahead of the holiday season as you can see below. According to the park’s team, the Haunted Mansion is kickstarting a new initiative called Disney Story Board which aims to give original rides updated lore. In this case, Disney Parks chose to give The Haunted Mansion an anime makeover, and its expanded story includes Constance Hatchaway.

The re-theme will focus on Constance as she interacts with two butlers named Z.J. and Xavier. Of course, the team will be joined by some ghostly dancers and a tight-rope walker along with three hitchhiking ghosts. And according to the team, The Haunted Mansion will welcome a new ghost called The Withering Gentleman who comes to visit the estate.

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This re-theme will not impact the ride itself as we know it, but The Haunted Mansion will overhaul other parts of its attraction to make way for the Disney Story Board. Asides from its interactive storyline, the event will debut new AR photo filters and merchandise for guests. Fans will be able to see this re-theme up close starting January 26th before it wraps at the end of March 2023. So if you love The Haunted Mansion, you better buy your tickets ASAP!

What do you think about this Haunted Mansion crossover? Does Disney need to bring this event stateside or…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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